The whole story started with songwriter Denzing (now a ulm resident) getting his first tape-deck as a gift in 1983. The first tapes he recorded featured such highlights of the 80' as Everything Counts; Living On Video; Blue Monday; Our Darkness; Mad World; Nobody`s Diary; Passion..

Fan of '83 could continue this list endlessly. And the music of the 80ies keeps influecing Fan of '83 of to this day. In 1985 Denzing wrote his first songs on a C 64 (still dreaming of more than three tone generators). He eventually recorded his songs in 1987 for the first time with his first synthesizer, a korg ds8, a korg dd1 drum machine and an atari 1040. The two korgs still serve their purpose today.

> FAN OF `83 – LOVE INSIDE (7'') <, the first Fan of '83 Single saw the light in 1991 with Fan of '83 still being a one man project. In 1994 Denzing finished his demo-tape 
> DENZING – THE SAME (CC) < (live at the kinderzimmer).

To catch the melancholy typical for vocal-sounds in the 80' Denzing needed an additional singer. That’s how he met Oolie. Hearing him perform live on stage Denzing immediately got in touch with Oolie. From that day on Oolie has become a core member of Fan of '83. The first live performance of the newly formed duo took place in cologne in 1996, where Fan of '83 opened for 'Der Liederkranz'. 

1998 witnessed the release of the first Fan of '83 CD > FAN OF `83 (CD-R) <, still recorded without any label support. Successful performances at the Kulturufer/Friedrichshafen in 2000 and at the Bodensee Electronic Festival/Friedrichshafen in 2002 followed. 

Having a full fledged Synthie-Pop-Band in mind Fan of '83 was still lacking a female singer. So Tina (a Friedrichshafen resident), who impressed Denzing deeply when singing a few improvised songs at the southside festival camp site, joined Fan of '83 on vocals. As a trio Fan of '83 performed at the Synthie-Pop-Festival in Stuttgart in 2003.

The new Fan of '83 CD > FAN OF `83 – REMEBER THE 80‘ < is scheduled for winter 2003/2004..